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Best Practices for Estimating the Company-Specific Risk Premium

(Part III of IV) This is the third of a four-part article that sets forth best practices for estimating the company-specific risk premium. This part of the discussion describes the various empirical data sources that analysts may consider as proxies—or benchmarks—or approximations—in developing the CSRP estimate. Introduction Estimating the cost of capital is one component of private company business valuat ...

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Equity Size Premium

Observations and Delaware Fair Value (Part I of II) This is a two-part article that focuses on empirical evidence supporting the size premium adjustment, observations regarding the CRSP size premium 10th decile category, liquidity issues that may account for the size premium, and certain Delaware Chancery Court decisions involving a size premium discussion. These are discussed since in the past few years th ...

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Tax Credit for Clients who Hired Nannies this Year: Tax Strategy Scan

Despite the changes that came with the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, clients can still claim the child and dependent care tax credit on their 2018 returns. Working parents who paid for day care, summer camp or a babysitter should take advantage of this tax break, which can help them save as much as $1,050 per child below age 13. Those who intend to claim are advised to pay their babysitter legally and remit the ne ...

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Why We Shouldn’t Add a Size Premium to the CAPM Cost of Equity

A Critique of the Ibbotson Methodology In this paper, the author argues that the Size Premium in Excess of CAPM (and other similar size premium measures) should not be used by valuation practitioners because: a) it is inconsistent with the empirical evidence; b) it is constructed using a method that is inconsistent with how practitioners estimate their CAPM cost of equity; and c) it does not properly calcul ...

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The Value Opportunity to Private Companies

Can private companies really increase their value 80-100 percent by limiting unsystematic (controllable) risks? The November/December 2013 issue of The Value Examiner featured Ken Sanginario’s article entitled, “The Valuation Business: A Strategic Road Map for Success.” In this article, Sanginario answers questions raised by skeptics to make the case that value doubling for private companies is possible. ...

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Morningstar Discontinues SBBI Valuation Yearbook

Summary and Solutions Morningstar announced in September 2013  it will discontinue publishing the SBBI Valuation Yearbook, but that it will continue to publish the Ibbotson SBBI Classic Yearbook.  James Harrington, who was previously director of business valuation research in Morningstar's Financial Communications Business, provides a summary of which data is being discontinued and continued, along with a d ...

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