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Book Review

The Art of Business Valuation: Accurately Valuing a Small Business This is a book review of The Art of Busines Valuation: Accurately Valuing a Small Business. This book is a guide and desk reference for valuing businesses under $10 million in revenues. The primary question answered in the book is: How do we as business valuators, business brokers, accountants, lawyers, owners, and other interested parties p ...

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The Business Will

It is Not Just About Having a Buy-Sell Agreement A business is a dynamic entity. Businesses are fueled by the passion and vision of its owners. While it is hard to be passionate about administrative aspects of building a successful business, the truth is, some of that stuff is crucial. Take the buy-sell agreement or similar provisions in an operating agreement—think of it as the business will—the "what happ ...

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Utilization of the Asset/Cost Based Approach

In Appraising Outpatient Enterprises Healthcare related outpatient enterprises are those that provide services that do not require hospital admission and may be performed outside the premises of a hospital. Valuation of healthcare related outpatient enterprises, similar to the valuation of any business, should include consideration of the three general approaches to valuation, i.e., the income approach, the ...

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Determination of the Appropriate Standard of Value

An In-Depth Series on Healthcare Valuation This first installment will discuss Fair Market Value, the most prevalent standard of value in the healthcare industry, and why this is the required standard of value for most healthcare transactions. This article will also discuss the premise of value, which further defines the circumstances of the transaction, and how to determine which methods may be applicable ...

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Pass-Through Entity Valuations and Fair Market Value: A New Perspective

How to apply the landmark cases Delaware MRI (2007) and Bernier (2012) Eric J. Barr, CPA/ABV/CFF, CVA, CFE, analyzes two landmark court decisions—Delaware MRI and Bernier—and offers more clarity on the proper way to value an ownership interest in a pass-through entity under the fair market standard of value.  ...

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Understand the Value of an Insurance Brokerage —Mercer Capital White Paper

Most Business Owners Understand Interim Cash Flows.  But Terminal Cash Flow May Be Most Important: More Detail on Standards of Value.  Lucas M. Parris at Mercer Capital has authored a white paper at Mercer Capital that posted last month titled Understand the Value of an Insurance Brokerage that guides consultants through the process of selling out, selling in [transferring ownership to heirs], putting toget ...

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Five Things to Know about Business Valuation When Making an Acquisition —Smart Business

Beyond Deal Price, Consider Deal Structure, Earnouts, and Appropriate Standard of Value    When one company is acquiring another, the deal price is often the primary factor considered. Too many times, however, critical issues are overlooked, explains Sean R. Saari, CPA/ABV, CVA, MBA.  Smart Business spoke with Saari about five questions any business valuation any acquirer needs to consider:   ...

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