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Risk and Fraud

in the Cryptocurrency Economy Although cryptocurrency and blockchain technology create an environment that can help combat fraud within their systems, their introduction into the global economy has opened numerous doors for nefarious activity. This article provides an overview of what is cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and the rise of threats to digital assets. Fraud used to be much simpler for the f ...

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How Open Source Research Can Advance Your Business Intelligence Work

Employing Open Source Data, OSINT, and SOCMINT in the Due Diligence Phase Today’s accountants specialize in document management, research, money laundering, inter-national banking, e-discovery, and much more. They go even further. They ask to learn about open source research, cryptocurrency, and network-based financial transactions. In this article, the author discusses how to use public record resources, s ...

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Anatomy of Saving a Business

Put on the Gloves, Speak Bluntly, and Devise a Plan to Emerge from Chaos The author shares the trials and tribulations involving a troubled company that was on the verge of closing and managed to recover. In this engagement, he took the lead, coordinated and assigned roles within the company, negotiated with the IRS Revenue Officer, had difficult conversations with bank (a potential deal breaker), and was c ...

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Distinguishing Between Enterprise and Personal Goodwill

Why it Matters Distinguishing between enterprise (or business) goodwill and personal (or professional) goodwill can sometimes be difficult. That distinction is often necessary in marital dissolution and shareholder dispute cases, and when a business is sold. For valuation purposes, the classification is important because prospective buyers will only pay for goodwill that is transferable. In addition, there ...

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Changes to Stark Law’s Foundational Terminology

Valuation Implications On November 20, 2020, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) issued a final rule to modernize and clarify the Stark Law. The Stark Law governs those physicians (or their immediate family members) who have a financial relationship with an entity, and prohibits those individuals from making Medicare referrals to those entities for the provision of designated health servi ...

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How Fees Help Determine Client Perceptions of Value

Confessions of the Pricing Man, How Price Affects Everything Financial experts often struggle with setting fees for their own services and expertise. It is easy to see how someone could have trouble with decisions involving hourly billing versus fixed fees, premium pricing, bundling, discounting, and adjusting for scope creep. The author in this article shares insight from Hermann Simon on the above conside ...

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An Unimpeachable Treatise

Apropos Restrictions of Data, Time, and Financial Resources When uncertainty rises to a level—where facts appear to be indistinguishable from fiction—business valuation, forensic accounting, and litigation support must prioritize the virtues of unimpeachable neutrality, integrity, and objectivity. These three virtues provide a means of best assisting the trier of fact in distinguishing that which is mislead ...

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10 Social Networking Tactics I Would Use to Build My BVFLS Practice

If I Were Starting Today Business valuation and financial litigation services (BVFLS) practitioners—since the COVID-19 disruption—have embraced the use of social media. Yet, some BVFLS practitioners remain on the sidelines. In this article, Rod Burkert shares 10 social networking tactics he would use today to build his BVFLS practice. One thing I have seen since COVID-19 began is the uptick in social media ...

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64 Ways to Increase and Enhance

the Value of a Business Buyers look at earnings as a primary driver of value. There are many other factors such as strategic value, competitive position, branding, secret processes, and cost to duplicate. There are also many other factors, some not so evident or obvious, some intangible and some in the “good feelings” attitude about the business or its prospects. At the end of the day, it is sometimes hard ...

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Making the Right Call in Revenue Recognition

Accounting Challenges and Judgments Topic 606 of the FASB’s Accounting Standards Codification (ASC 606) dictates the timing and amount of revenue companies recognize for a given transaction. ASC 606 requires companies to identify performance obligations in contracts with customers and allocate the transaction price among those performance obligations. Revenue is recognized when control of an asset is transf ...

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