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BIS Highlights Trouble Spot for Global Economy

Bank for International Settlements sees global trouble brewing   Several major factors are converging and posing a threat to the global economy, the Bank for International Settlements said in a report.  China's slowdown is hurting emerging markets dependent on commodity exports, the bank said, even as the rising value of the U.S. dollar adds stress in markets where much debt is dollar-denominated.  Bri ...

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Private Equity Capital Tops $1 Trillion for High Price Deals

At the end of 2013, private equity firms were sitting on a cache of at least $1 trillion, according to a report from Bain & Company.  This marks a $159 billion increase from the closeout at the end of 2012.  The expected result of this capital bubble isn’t just more deals, but at much higher valuations, as well.  As Fortune magazine put it, “…the capital tail will wag the deal dog.”  For more informatio ...

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Case Law: States Opt for Accredited Appraisers, Limit Expert Testimony, Consider Contracts

In Nebraska, Judge Considers: Should Damages be Limited to the Length of a Non-Compete Clause? The Supreme Court of North Dakota prefers the testimony of an accredited appraiser, a Tennessee court asks an expert witness to stick to the topic rather than allowing him to recommend an alternative legal remedy, and a Nebraska court considers whether damages should be limited to those incurred during the period ...

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