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When We Play Safe, We Play Small

Move Out of Your Comfort Zone In this month’s column, Rod Burkert discusses embracing risk and a growth mindset. If you are unhappy with your practice for any reason, is it because you are playing it too safe ... too small? Is your reluctance to take risks (which aren’t really risks) holding you back from reaching the next level … whatever that might be for you? Read on, learn from a seasoned BVFLS expert. ...

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10 Social Networking Tactics I Would Use to Build My BVFLS Practice

If I Were Starting Today Business valuation and financial litigation services (BVFLS) practitioners—since the COVID-19 disruption—have embraced the use of social media. Yet, some BVFLS practitioners remain on the sidelines. In this article, Rod Burkert shares 10 social networking tactics he would use today to build his BVFLS practice. One thing I have seen since COVID-19 began is the uptick in social media ...

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How to Use Keywords in Your Blog Post

Beyond Keyword Placement—An Illustration for Search Engines to Find You In previous QuickRead articles, the author discussed the role blogging can play when marketing a firm’s services. When relevant articles are written and posted on a website, those articles can be found by prospects who are looking to solve a business challenge. But to ensure that blog posts are discovered, one needs to optimize them by ...

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How to Build Your Editorial Calendar

Implement Your Content Marketing Strategy To successfully implement a content marketing plan to support your firm’s overall marketing goals, you need to build an editorial calendar. In a solid, well-planned editorial calendar, everything is planned out in advance, from scheduling to headlines. In this post, Dr. Lee Frederiksen shares some tips for creating an editorial calendar. [su_pullquote align="right"] ...

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Five Steps to Promoting

Your Blog Posts Writing a blog is an achievement, in and of itself, but that is just the beginning. In this article, Dr. Frederiksen shares five steps you can take to effectively promote your blog posts. [su_pullquote align="right"]Resources: Marketing Techniques: Content Marketing and Thought Leadership Social Media and Networking How to Become a High Visibility Expert [/su_pullquote] If you have written a ...

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How to Write Headlines

that Produce Results Great headlines—whether in blog posts or e-mails—can convince people to continue reading, even if the writing that follows is mediocre. In fact, researchers have found that people generally read eight out of every 10 headlines…but read only two of the pieces that follow the headlines. Because blogging and email marketing are such critical tools for accounting and valuation firms, learni ...

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Writing a Blog Post

In Nine Easy Steps You have probably heard how helpful it can be to write blogs, either for yourself or your valuation and accounting firm. If you have never written one, the challenge can seem daunting. But you probably will find it easier than you think—especially if you follow these steps. The article outlines the steps; these are based on a How-To Guide from Hinge University, their online learning platf ...

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