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Beating the Market

While the idea of beating the market is more suited to the financial investment sector, McKinsey & Company recently applied some of the same principles to business strategy.  In a review of 3,000 large nonfinancial companies, this overview examines the players that avoid profit depletion and maximize value creation, even during economic downturns.  Tried and true business practices are tested as the num ...

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ESOPs in 2028

The Future Will Probably Include Not Only More ESOPs, But More High-Percentage (70-100%) ESOPs. Here’s Why What will happen with Employee Stock Ownership Plans and Trusts over the next few decades? Many authorities estimate that as many as one out of every two businesses will change hands over that time period as baby boomers enter retirement age and look to transition their long held businesses. Where does ...

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Tips on Finding Board Members for Family Businesses

Choosing Board Members for a Family Business Can be a Delicate Process, but with Proper Due Diligence, a Perfect Fit Can be Achieved. Mario Vicari and Tyler Ridgeway cover some of the key points in choosing board members for a family business, covering topics from how a board should be structured, how board members should be qualified and compensated, and what work should be expected from them. ...

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