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Where Do You Stand on “EBITDAC”

and “Voodoo” Economic Forecasts? One of the issues facing the business valuation community as well as business owners is the newly created accounting metric called “EBITDAC”, which stands for Earnings Before Interests, Taxes, Depreciation, Amortization, and Coronavirus. This is a non-GAAP accounting metric used by some companies today to raise more debts from lending institutions by adjusting or recasting t ...

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Operating in the Post-Coronavirus Period

What Do We Do Moving Forward in Time? The coronavirus and the events unleashed by the outbreak were unforeseeable to professionals preparing reports as of the end of 2019. What do we, as valuation and litigation support professionals, do moving forward in time when we are engaged to value a business? Here, the author, Ron Rudich, answers these questions. Gary R. Trugman wrote in his tome, Understanding Busi ...

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Apple Hopes iOS Update Will Help Overturn Costly iPhone Sales Ban in China

Apple is rushing to release an iOS update in China to resolve potential infringement of Qualcomm patents. The news follows a report stating that a Chinese sales ban of certain iPhone models would cost Apple millions of dollars a day. To read the full article in Cult of Mac, click: Apple Hopes iOS Update Will Help Overturn Costly iPhone Sales Ban in China. ...

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Momentum Fading for Global Economic Growth and Inflation: Poll

Economists Express Concerns About Global Growth The majority of economists polled by Reuters say that global economic growth is slowing in both developed and developing markets.  Their main concern is trouble in China.  Rahul Karunakar examines the results and how still, most economists said there is an "insignificant" chance of a global recession this year. To read the full article in Reuters, click: Momen ...

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BIS Highlights Trouble Spot for Global Economy

Bank for International Settlements sees global trouble brewing   Several major factors are converging and posing a threat to the global economy, the Bank for International Settlements said in a report.  China's slowdown is hurting emerging markets dependent on commodity exports, the bank said, even as the rising value of the U.S. dollar adds stress in markets where much debt is dollar-denominated.  Bri ...

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Should M & A Clients Review Anti-Trust Implications as Part of their Due-Diligence?

Does failing to review anti-trust risk enormous penalties for being anti-competitive? M&A professionals need to take anti-trust considerations into their due diligence planning. As international manufacturing relationships continue to increase in the U.S., there is an ever-growing number of international authorities and nations ready and willing to contest your agreement. ...

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How to Commit a $200 Million Scam: Inside the Year’s Most Shocking Credit Card Fraud —Daily Beast

The FBI Says it Busted an 18-Person Ring that Spanned 8 Countries and 28 States.  Make Up. Pump Up. Run Up. Daniel Gross at The Daily Beast explains:  It’s not the latest exercise fad. Rather, according to the Justice Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, it’s the three-step process through which an 18-person ring allegedly committed a stunning $200 million credit-card fraud.   Here're the bas ...

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International Implications: Chinese Ownership & The Courts in Ukraine

SEC Wakes Up to Reverse Merger Companies Weeks after several Chinese reverse-merger companies have stopped trading in the US amid widespread fraud allegations, the Securities and Exchange Commission has issued a warning that, hey, maybe investors ought to think twice about those reverse-merger companies.  Okey doke!  Mark Gongloff relays from the Wall Street Journal Law Blog.  The Securities and Exchange Co ...

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