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Empathy at the Mediation Table

Understanding Another Person’s Point of View—A Fundamental Tool of Communication Empathy, when used appropriately is truly amazing. It strengthens and enriches our understanding of others, and enhances our ability to motivate them. Though there is no scientific way to measure the power of empathy, you can feel it when you use it, especially during mediation-type proceedings, when the opposing parties are fr ...

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Life Insurance Policy Audits

Dispute Defensible Best Practices (Part 1 of 3) TIn this first part of a three part series, the author suggests that while there are many articles about how to properly analyze a life insurance policy to determine its value, the critical analysis that is needed is not to ascertain value, but to determine viability. Professional advisors involved in buy-sell and exit and succession planning will want to foll ...

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Considerations in Selecting an Expert Witness

Conducting Due Diligence on the Expert and Setting Expectations of the Expert Witness in a Litigation Engagement One of the risks of doing business today is getting involved in business disputes. Disputes take many forms. Disputes can be resolved through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or litigation. Business disputes are frequently complex and the parties involved are sophisticated and motivated to su ...

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Has Governmental Anti-Kickback Statute Enforcement Kicked Back Royalty Rates?

Royalty Rates in the Life Sciences are Under Increased Scrutiny. But Has That Caused Rates to Decline? Several medical manufacturers were accused of violating federal kickback statutes. Federal enforcement prompted many companies in the industry to review and revise the terms under which they collaborate with and pay healthcare professionals for contributions of time, know-how, and intellectual property. Ed ...

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