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Legal Update

April 2022 Two cases from Delaware and New York provide guidance to financial forensics and valuation professionals on the fiduciary duties that managers and directors owe to enterprises. The first case, In re: Multiplan Corp. Stockholders Litigation, is a class action arising from allegedly inadequate disclosure of a merger between a publicly traded special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) and a privatel ...

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How Much Information Do You Share With Your Spouse?

In re Marriage of Schneeweis, 2016 IL. App. 2d No. 140147 Marital law varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. In this article, Daniel R. Stefani discusses a recent Illinois Appellate Court case where the issue before the court was whether husband dissipated assets. The term dissipation is defined and the question raised is how much information do you share with your spouse and how that can impact an equit ...

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State Case Law Summary

Focus on shareholder disputes (slip opinions) Ruggiero v. Ruggiero is a New York Slip Opinion (cannot cite as authority) that is a classic battle of valuation experts.  The opinion  highlights how a New York State judge reached her decision and also provides an opportunity to deliberate and consider what can go wrong when a buy-sell agreement is either not in existence or is considered dated. Breidbart v. W ...

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State Case Law: Iowa Focuses on Equalization Payments, Louisiana Considers Future Cash Flow

Recent Cases Consider: Fair Market Value in Arkansas, Equalization Payments and Healthcare Credits in Iowa, and Valuations Based on Future Cash Flow in Louisiana Judge Wiggins in Iowa rules In re Marriage of McDermott on equalization payments and tax credits for health insurance payments.  In Louisiana, Judge Williams finds a valuation in Fancher v. Prudhomme invalid since it was based on assumed cash flow— ...

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Case Law: Valuation Experts Play Key Roles in Cases in Texas, Arizona

Top State Courts Consider the Value of Goodwill, the Legitimacy of the Income Method of Valuation In State of Texas v. Clear Channel Outdoor, the Texas Court of Appeals considers testimony from an expert regarding the income method of valuation for the billboards; in Walsh v. Walsh, the Court of Appeals of Arizona reassesses the realizable benefits of stock redemption value in a law firm, and determines the ...

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