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The Latest Word on ESOPs: What We All Need to Know

Has the new federal tax regime set forth the grounds to reconsider an ESOP? An ESOP is a qualified retirement plan that can use debt financing to buy company stock from the company’s owner(s). It’s a serious option for any business owner who wants to liquidate some or all of his or her ownership. Martin Staubus reviews how ESOPs work, as well as the benefits they provide to buyers (employees) and sellers (o ...

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How to Make Employee Ownership Work for Your Business —Management Today

The Thought of Every Employee Working Together with a Shared Vision of Business Success is a Dream Situation for Companies.  Here's How to Make it Happen.  Gary Davie Friday at Management Today weighs in on how in 2012 the U.K. government (Management Today is UK-based) announced its support for employee ownership, recognizing its ability to promote long-term thinking and growth.  Since then, a number of leg ...

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ESOPs in 2028

The Future Will Probably Include Not Only More ESOPs, But More High-Percentage (70-100%) ESOPs. Here’s Why What will happen with Employee Stock Ownership Plans and Trusts over the next few decades? Many authorities estimate that as many as one out of every two businesses will change hands over that time period as baby boomers enter retirement age and look to transition their long held businesses. Where does ...

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409A Options Valuations: Who Pays the Price and What We Can Do

UConnect v. Facebook Showed How 409A Valuations Can Destroy Value. Here’s What Shareholders and VCs Need to Know—and Some Ideas About How to Better the Situation. Lorenzo Carver previously explained how 409A valuations destroy value for shareholders receiving grants, and provided a case study of how this all played out in UConnect v. Facebook. In this final article in a three-part series, Carver presents us ...

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Part II: Dual-Purpose 409A Valuations: Here’s Why and How They Overvalue Stock Options

The Winklevoss Twins Realized Too Late the Value They’d Agreed to for Their Common Shares of Facebook. Here’s How it Played Out. Last week Lorenzo Carver introduced the topic of how 409A valuations destroy value for some shareholders.  Today’s piece is a case study in how a wide disparity in value estimates largely created by the 409A process played out in the UConnect v. Facebook lawsuit. ...

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Dual-Purpose 409A Valuations: Here’s Why and How They Overvalue Stock Options

Why Built-up Volatility Rates Produce Better Value Indications In part one of a three-part series, Lorenzo Carver explains how the interaction between auditors and valuation professionals during dual-purpose 409A valuations of common stock and employee stock options destroys value for hundreds of thousands of employees receiving stock options every year by granting options at strike prices that are above th ...

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