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The Business I Value Most is Mine

You Should Feel the Same Way There is a great expression that is used as advertising in our industry: the business we value most is yours. (It is like: The customer is always right.) It is a great slogan and one the author quoted in his LinkedIn profile! And then, as the author states, he wised up and discovered that the business he valued most was his own. In this article, he explains why the reader should ...

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May 2021

How to Make Pricing Your Competitive Advantage This article is a follow up to the author’s April 2021 QuickRead article: “Here is What Prospects Believe About Our Pricing.” The lesson by the author is that prospective clients believe what the professional believes about pricing. If the professional believes that the price is too high, so will the prospect. If the professional believes that the price is a ba ...

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April 2021

What Prospects Believe About Our Pricing is What We Believe About Our Pricing When prospects say, “You’re too expensive” (and some inevitably will), we may have a problem. Because on the one hand, they may be telling us the truth (or their truth). But on the other hand, we think we are worth it. This article identifies two issues, suggests that there may be one impediment, and provides readers with resource ...

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The Value Gap

Technology Expectations This article discusses the importance of adopting the latest technology and software and how to minimize the value gap. Most accountants have struggled to keep up with this new wave of technology and a growing value gap is arising in firms of all sizes. This value gap represents all the lost opportunities by not having the right technology solutions in place. These lost opportunities ...

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Memo to Managers: Practice What You Preach

Strong management goes beyond ethical behavior, efficiency, and carrying out company strategy—even though each of those is important. Managers are a key reason that employees show up to work engaged or not. Managers can live their values, set clear expectations on schedules, engage in two-way communication, and more. To read the full article in Journal of Accountancy, click: Memo to Managers: Practice What ...

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Smashing the Barriers to Employee Engagement

Firms may boost productivity and satisfaction by taking actions on three fronts. There is a disconnect when it comes to what business leaders say about employee engagement and what the employees themselves say they are experiencing. To read the full article in the Journal of Accountancy, click: Smashing the Barriers to Employee Engagement. ...

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