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Case Study

Changing Assignments from Fairness Opinion to Business Valuation Commercial damages matters can be challenging and require a flexible mind when “wrapping your brain” around the issues and facts of a particular case. Beginning in the first quarter of 2019 and running through October 2020, I had an assignment which began with a simple fairness opinion letter and ended with my testifying at trial to defend my ...

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Analyst Considerations of a Taxable Stock Purchase M&A Structure

Transaction Structure Considerations on Target Company Value Valuation analysts do not have to be investment bankers to value an M&A candidate, but they do need to understand taxable and non-taxable stock acquisitions. This discussion summarizes some of the tax benefits—and some of the tax complexities—associated with a taxable stock purchase deal structure. Although the analyst is not expected to be th ...

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Fairness Opinions: Evaluating a Buyer’s Shares from the Seller’s Perspective

M&A activity has accelerated substantially in 2014 following the financial crisis.  When an acquisition proposal is being weighed, there needs to be a thorough vetting of the buyer’s shares.  A fairness opinion evaluates the investment merits of the shares before and after a transaction is consummated says Jeff K. Davis, CFA with Mercer Capital.  This article discusses the key questions you need to ask ...

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Fairness Opinions: Sometimes the Best Defense is a Good Offense

What is Considered Good Business Sense Today May Be Considered a Breach of Fiduciary Duty Tomorrow. Pay Special Attention to Fairness Opinions. Are your clients risking liability as they complete their daily tasks? What is considered good business sense today may be considered a breach of fiduciary duty tomorrow. That possibility is increasing. Business appraisers should pay special attention to fairness op ...

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