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How to Get Critical Client Feedback

This article builds on the author’s May 11, 2022 “Being Different is More Profitable Than Being Better” article. In this article, the author provides five questions that my enable one to differentiate oneself from the competition. How do your clients think you’re doing? You don’t know unless you ask. Because knowing what they want and then giving it to them is the easiest (if not the best) way to stand out. ...

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Are You Wasting People’s Time?

Most professionals know people who talk too much, are disorganized, or are always late to meetings, or whose communication style is downright annoying. In short, these people often waste others’ time as they muddle through their work life armed with bothersome bad habits. What this signals is a lack of respect for other people’s time. To read the full article in Financial Management, click: Are You Wasting ...

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Does AI-Flavored Feedback Require a Human Touch?

Digital tools and technologies are now relentlessly and remorselessly transforming how performance management works. Customized and continuous data-driven feedback is becoming a new normal for enterprises worldwide. This feedback appears both qualitatively and quantitatively superior to its performance review precursors and should lead to better outcomes. But does AI-flavored feedback require a human touch ...

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Smashing the Barriers to Employee Engagement

Firms may boost productivity and satisfaction by taking actions on three fronts. There is a disconnect when it comes to what business leaders say about employee engagement and what the employees themselves say they are experiencing. To read the full article in the Journal of Accountancy, click: Smashing the Barriers to Employee Engagement. ...

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How to Give Constructive Criticism That Gets Results

Offering constructive criticism is an essential part of being a manager.  Thoughtful feedback improves communication with staff members while encouraging them to grow.  Show how small changes can be part of the big picture. To read the full article in the Journal of Accountancy, click: How to Give Constructive Criticism That Gets Results. ...

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How to Recognize Your Biggest Weaknesses as a Leader (and Why You Should)

Why Leaders Need to Identify Their Weaknesses Gaining an understanding of your weaknesses as a leader can help you take steps to compensate for them.  Working with mentors and asking for feedback from your team can allow you to identify these weaknesses.  Jayson Demers, CEO of AudienceBloom, shares some great tips. To read the full article in Entrepreneur, click: How to Recognize Your Biggest Weaknesses as ...

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Why Visible Experts are Transforming Firms

And How to Become One We all know their names. They’re the industry stars that headline conferences and write the definitive books in their fields. Sometimes their names are known beyond their industries and they bring acclaim to their firms. We call these individuals Visible ExpertsSM, and it has become increasingly evident that they are changing the way professional services are purchased and understood. ...

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