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How Many Referral Sources Do You Need?

As readers know, the holy grail of a firm’s success is the professional stream and practices that sustain the referral stream. In the author’s view “it does not have to be an endless stream, just a manageable one.” The author shares his views on how to make this happen. As you know, the holy grail of your successful professional practices is a stream of referrals. But it does not have to be an endless strea ...

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2 Reasons Why You Didn’t Get That New Client

Not all referral opportunities pan out. And there are two reasons why. This article explains those two main reasons. I want that new client. I need that new client. I am perfect for that new client. I deserve that new client. Dang! Why didn’t I get that new client?! Unfortunately, not all referral opportunities pan out. And there are two reasons why. Reason #1: Your Referral Source Didn’t Refer You Ouch! Hi ...

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10 Social Networking Tactics I Would Use to Build My BVFLS Practice

If I Were Starting Today Business valuation and financial litigation services (BVFLS) practitioners—since the COVID-19 disruption—have embraced the use of social media. Yet, some BVFLS practitioners remain on the sidelines. In this article, Rod Burkert shares 10 social networking tactics he would use today to build his BVFLS practice. One thing I have seen since COVID-19 began is the uptick in social media ...

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Five Forces Influencing Your BVFLS Marketing in 2020

Opportunities Available to Drive Revenue and Remain Relevant Q1 2020 is already in the books. If you are thinking about your practice development goals, strategies, and tactics for the rest of the year, Rod Burkert has some ideas regarding what to do and identifies the opportunities associated with five options. Hard to believe that Q1 2020 is already in the books. And you might be thinking about your pract ...

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How Social Media Impacts Business Development

Not all Social Networks Are Created Equal Has your firm embraced social media? Be ready! The days of ignoring social media are long gone. Professional services firms looking to accelerate their growth need to embrace social media and dedicate the resources needed to create a strategy, implement it, and track it. In this article, the author presents research on the impact and value of social media to profess ...

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