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How to Write a Case Story

In Nine Easy Steps Professionals marketing for their accounting, valuation, and finance already know that case stories can be powerful tools when selling your services. However, most case studies are dry, dull, and deadly. Even case studies built on the old challenge/solution/results model can be made more compelling. In this article, the author suggests several  ways to present a compelling case story. Pro ...

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Five Tips

For Finding Guest Blogging Opportunities Have you considered an article you have written on another website, posting a guest blog? What are the benefits? How hard is it to get or become a guest blogger? In this article, the author discusses the opportunities of posting a guest blog. [su_pullquote align="right"]Resources: Get Published in QuickRead[/su_pullquote] Have you ever considered writing a guest blog ...

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Four Steps to Selecting

Engage the audience! Conducting webinars is a great way to accomplish that goal; however, it is important to understand how the topic selected can have a dramatic effect on its success. Just as a great headline can hook readers, a good webinar topic will bring in more attendees—and the more people who attend, the more opportunities will arise for the speaker and his or her firm to sell services. This articl ...

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The Seven Steps of Mastering

an Effective Elevator Pitch Professionals in the accounting, valuation, and finance sectors frequently struggle with a deceptively simple task: describing in a few words what their firm does and how it stands apart from the competition. If you, the reader, have experienced this difficulty, you can make it easier on yourself by having a thoughtful and concise elevator pitch ready to deploy when the opportuni ...

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Seven Strategies for Expanding Your E-mail List

Options that Provide Superior Results Compared to Renting Marketers of accounting and valuation firms have long used e-mail marketing to nurture new and existing prospects. But what is the best way to develop a good list in the first place? This article provides seven proven strategies for building your firm’s e-mail list faster. Marketers of accounting and valuation firms have long used e-mail marketing to ...

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How to Build Your Editorial Calendar

Implement Your Content Marketing Strategy To successfully implement a content marketing plan to support your firm’s overall marketing goals, you need to build an editorial calendar. In a solid, well-planned editorial calendar, everything is planned out in advance, from scheduling to headlines. In this post, Dr. Lee Frederiksen shares some tips for creating an editorial calendar. [su_pullquote align="right"] ...

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How to Write Headlines

that Produce Results Great headlines—whether in blog posts or e-mails—can convince people to continue reading, even if the writing that follows is mediocre. In fact, researchers have found that people generally read eight out of every 10 headlines…but read only two of the pieces that follow the headlines. Because blogging and email marketing are such critical tools for accounting and valuation firms, learni ...

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Writing a Blog Post

In Nine Easy Steps You have probably heard how helpful it can be to write blogs, either for yourself or your valuation and accounting firm. If you have never written one, the challenge can seem daunting. But you probably will find it easier than you think—especially if you follow these steps. The article outlines the steps; these are based on a How-To Guide from Hinge University, their online learning platf ...

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