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Food v. Fraud

Fraud Issues in the Hospitality Industry Post-COVID-19 Pandemic The hospitality industry is already experiencing an increase in fraud, and everyone associated with the business—including operators, owners, managers, employees, and even guests—is at risk of being affected. In this article, the author identifies areas of fraud and provides recommendations to mitigate risk.  As a self-proclaimed foodie, I am e ...

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Risk and Fraud

in the Cryptocurrency Economy Although cryptocurrency and blockchain technology create an environment that can help combat fraud within their systems, their introduction into the global economy has opened numerous doors for nefarious activity. This article provides an overview of what is cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and the rise of threats to digital assets. Fraud used to be much simpler for the f ...

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The Evolution of Compliance

As the regulatory landscape has evolved, compliance departments and the chief compliance officer (CCO) have become increasingly important, helping organizations to adapt. Many CCOs sit on boards and report directly to the chief executive. They are no longer on the outside looking in on business development; instead, they are a key cog in the machinations of the C-suite. To read the full article in Financier ...

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Common Fraud Red Flags

“I Should Have Known!” When you hear the news that someone was just arrested for committing fraud at their work, it is usually accompanied by fellow employees or managers saying one of two things. Either, “I never thought they were capable of stealing” or “I should have seen it coming.” Why do employers say that they “should have known” and how exactly is it that they should have known? In my experience, th ...

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A Closer Look at Control Premiums

There Are All Kinds of Different Standards to Consider In Sophisticated Valuations. Here are Some Tips. Control premiums are difficult to calculate.  Why?  Because there are so many variables. You may need to adjust earnings to reflect a control value (i.e., restating owner’s compensation and adjusting discretionary expenses). But wait: There’s more!  There are minority earnings. And a variety of people to ...

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