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Adding Success Fees to Starting the Exit Planning Conversation

NACVA/CTI BVFLS Conference Presentation Summary This article is a review of a session involving exit planning that was covered in a highly interactive, standing-room-only session from the NACVA/CTI BVFLS Conference in Fort Lauderdale, FL on December 14, 2023. This article is a review of the topics covered in the highly interactive, standing-room-only session from the NACVA/CTI BVFLS Conference in Fort Laude ...

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Business Owner Exit Planning Engagement Tools

More Than Just a Conversation What tools are available to assess an owner’s readiness to exit a business? What process exists to enable professionals to assist an owner with exit planning? This article is based on three tools presented and discussed at NACVA and the CTI’s July 2023 Business Valuation and Financial Litigation Super Conference. Those three tools are the Business Exit Readiness Index (BERI), t ...

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How Selling a Business is Like Running a Half Marathon

Getting to the Finish Line is Exhausting In this article, the author analogizes the sale of a business to how one prepares and runs a half marathon. Many business owners may treat an exit as a half marathon, but that is a mistake. Business owners need professional consultants to assist them with their exit plan and negotiations. The author shares his views on the negotiation process and stresses that busine ...

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Outrunning Inflation to Achieve a Successful Exit in 2022

Rising Levels of High Mental Readiness for an Exit Business owners often-times see exit planning as a complicated, overwhelming, and emotional process. Accordingly, few owners adequately prepare for this significant event. However, an exit plan is essential to help business owners manage the illiquid wealth in their businesses, particularly in turbulent times such as these marked by strife that is present i ...

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