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How to Survive an Effective Cross-Examination

Skillsets Needed to Excel as an Expert During Cross-Examination For those financial experts awaiting their first opportunity to testify, as well as for those not certain of their skillsets, the author shares his tips on how to be impressive on the witness stand. As an attorney-CPA credentialed in business valuation, I have had the opportunity both to be the “expert” sitting in the witness chair and to be th ...

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The Best Learning Tool Ever

After Actions Reviews A firm’s intellectual capital is the most important source of its long-term wealth creating capacity. It must be constantly replenished and created to build the firm’s invisible balance sheet. Constantly focusing on doing rather than learning, creativity, innovation, and knowledge sharing is the equivalent of eating the firm’s seed corn. In this article, Ron Baker discusses the value o ...

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Interviewing Skills and Techniques

Effective Interview Planning in a Fraud Investigation This article is a republication of Chapter 10 of The Corporate Fraud: The Executive’s Survival Guide, authored by Ray Dunkle of Red Flag Reporting. This article features the chapter written by James I. Marasco, CPA, CIA, CFE. In this chapter, Mr. Marasco addresses the proper approach for conducting interviews. This includes what type of questions to ask, ...

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Entrepreneurship and Transition Planning

Is there a disconnect between client expectations and advisory services? Valuation professionals are uniquely positioned to help clients identify opportunities and third parties that can take them to a proverbial next level. Business valuation is about more than just benchmarking and deriving a defensible conclusion of value, it should entail understanding the value and interplay of governance, risk, relati ...

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Time to Start Valuing Human Capital as an Asset on the Balance Sheet

Infosys, the Indian IT Services Giant, Has Assigned a Value to Its Entire Workforce Since 2008. Here’s Why European and American Companies Don’t Yet Formally Value Employees—and Why They Should! Recognizing the value of employees in company accounts makes a compelling business case and reflects the realities of 21st century business, argues Leon Kaye in the Guardian. ...

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