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Witness Testimony: Your Day in Court

Preparing expert witness testimony that can go the distance Although most expert witness engagements end without an opportunity to present your findings or testimony, this is no excuse to be lax in your analysis. In the handful of occurrences where expert witness testimony will actually be required, it must be clear, concise and thorough enough to go the distance during the proceedings. It must be assumed t ...

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Providing Effective Litigation Services (Part 1 of 4)

Procedural phases in litigation: the role of the expert from drafting of the complaint through trial In this first part of a four-part series titled “Providing Effective Litigation Services” Mark Shirley, CPA/ABV, CVA, MAFF, CFE presents an overview of the phases in a civil case, from filing of the complaint through trial.  An effective expert is a professional that understands the procedure, rules, his or ...

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Why It Makes Sense to Involve a Forensic Technologist in Electronic Discovery

Over 85 Percent of the World’s Information is Stored Electronically, and Over 50 Percent of that Information is Never Printed Out With over 85 percent of the world’s information stored electronically, and over 50 percent of that information never printed out, it’s more important than ever to make sure that electronic discovery related to pending litigation is performed thoroughly—and tracks information on m ...

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Boundaries in Business Appraisal

Appraisers Should Focus on Objectivity and Competence and Be Ready and Flexible to Deal with Unanticipated Challenges—From Vague Case Law to New Evidence to Erupting Personalities. Rand Curtiss expounds on his philosophy that business appraisal is about boundaries: limits on what we can do. Every work challenge is filled with a large number of people, each of whom have different boundaries. Business sellers ...

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Avoiding Last-Minute Errors — Before the Last Minute! — Wall Street Journal Tax Blog

The Wall Street Journal Recounts What the IRS Advises:  Moves to Make as April Grows Near April deadlines may not be that far way,  but some Americans still haven’t even rounded up their W2s, the Wall Street Journal noted in a (just-before-deadline) filing last year.   Acknowledging the tax procrastination is a national pastime, the Internal Revenue Service issued some tips and a series of videos to help la ...

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Afraid of Being Sued? 4 Ways to Keep Lawyers at Bay —

Here are four surprising ways to protect yourself in a law suit and keep legal fees to a minimum. Kevin Daum at Inc. advises:  "Shakespeare said, "First kill all the lawyers." Maybe this seems a tad aggressive, but then again, for most people the last thing you look forward to is someone showing up at your door with a subpoena. Whether a lawsuit is business related or personal, the thought of engaging an at ...

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Intellectual Property Forensic Analysis Valuation Considerations

Different Standards of Value Apply to Different Sort of Intellectual Property Valuations. Here’s Why it Matters—and How to Figure Which Standards Apply. Robert Reilly explains how different sorts of intellectual property (patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secret) valuations have different objectives depending on their varying purposed. It’s critical to understand those objectives in order to define ...

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5 Things Small Business Investors Need to Know about “IP”

The Wall Street Journal's Small Business Blog featured recently a guest column by Antone Johnson on the use, misuse, and misvaluation of intellectual property.  It's probably of interest to valuators and financial consultants who are working with small business owners to value and growth their businesses.   Venture capitalists, angel investors and start-up lawyers these days tend to be obsessed with "intell ...

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Court Followers: Supreme Court Patent Opinion Fuels Greater Demand for Expert Testimony

Bullseye Blog, A Legal Blog on Expert Topics, reports that The  Supreme Court has issued a new patent law opinion that could signal a greater need for expert testimony in patent-related civil actions in federal district courts. Bullseye's Robert Ambrogi cuts to the chase:  "The bottom line of Kappos v. Hyatt is that the court has lifted any limits on the use of new evidence in a §145 trial.  That is sure to ...

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