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Dissecting the Medical Practice Revenue Stream—Part 2

Four things valuators should know about medical claims and coding In this second installment of his review of medical claims coding, Mr. Moffatt sets forth his final two examples that explain the unique circumstances of the medical practice revenue cycle that affect cash flow and how they relate to the valuation of a medical practice. Part 1 of this article was published on March 4, 2014. ...

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Dissecting the Medical Practice Revenue Stream—Part 1

Four things valuators should know about medical claims and coding While all valuators need to be able to cite specific factors considered in the determination of fair market value, many times the measures selected could be applied to a variety of industries. In this first of a two-part series, Jeffry Moffatt examines why revenue is most often a primary area of interest for valuation, because without revenue ...

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Book Review: The Financial Professional’s Guide to Healthcare Reform

The Financial Professional's Guide to Healthcare Reform; Accountants' Handbook, 12th Edition New titles from Wiley this summer include Scott Miller on Buyouts, Dietrich and Anderson’s thorough Financial Professional’s Guide to Healthcare Reform, Roman Weil et al. on Litigation Services and the Financial Expert, and Graham and Carmichael’s Accountants' Handbook, 12th Edition.  ...

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Successful Medical Practice Valuation

How to Arrive at an Appropriate Fair Market Price for a Medical Practice When valuing a medical practice, how do you determine fair market value in light of recent Stark II regulations? Some of it depends on the definition of the term “commercially reasonable.” And a lot also depends on accurate assessment of future revenues, as well as expense assumptions. Here’s a guide to what to keep an eye on as you na ...

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Healthcare Practice Trends: M&A, Compliance, and Standard-of-Care Metrics — Metropolitan Corporate Counsel

Metropolitan Corporate Counsel interviews Monte I. Dube, Partner, and Elizabeth M. Mills, Senior Counsel, of Proskauer’s Health Care Department in Chicago. Excerpts: What are the current trends in M&A within the healthcare industry? Dube: Increasingly and for multiple reasons, U.S. hospitals and healthcare systems of all types are looking for potential partnerships or affiliations. Financially distresse ...

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