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StraightTalk Webinar Series

Business Valuation in a COVID-19 World—Cost of Capital, Growth Rates, and Uncertainties Jim Hitchner, Managing Member of Valuation Products and Services (VPS), unveiled the first of a series of two-hour webinars that targets business valuation and litigation support professionals seeking an intermediate level program. This is a review of the first webinar titled “Business Valuation in a COVID-19 World—Cost ...

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Our Practices Need Aspirational Clients to Thrive

Here’s How to Land Them What is an aspirational client? How can valuation professionals find and engage them? In this article, Rod Burkert shares his insight and experience finding aspirational clients. Aspirational clients. Who are they? What steps does it take to land them? Why are they important to our practice growth? When we started our practices, we were happy with the clients we got because we needed ...

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Fair Value of Big Data

Five years ago, no one really knew what big data was and now, it seems it’s all anyone can talk about. Big data is the term used for information retailers, government agencies, and other organizations collect from the public that other entities might have a vested interest in purchasing because they produce ancillary products or services that could be marketed to the same individuals. While there has been m ...

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Mercer’s Five Big Valuation Issues

  In case you missed it, Z. Christopher Mercer, ASA, CFA, ABAR, founder and CEO of Mercer Capital, was the keynote speaker at the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML) and the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) 2014 bi-annual joint conference this year. His presentation concerned The Five Really Big Valuation Issues. They included: 1.) discount rates, 2.) control premiums and minority interest ...

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16 Mistakes to Avoid in Valuations, Part 1

According to Tax Court decisions Part 1 of this article examines eight of the 16 most common mistakes made in business valuation reports according to U.S. Tax Court decisions. Business valuation textbooks, training manuals, and conference presentations may do a good job of teaching the right ways to conduct valuations. But in some respects, the most authoritative teacher of what is right and, just as import ...

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The Level of Value

Understanding this critical element in a buy-sell agreement Traditionally, business appraisers retained for buy-sell agreements are bound to perform their services within the specific value structure of the contract. When the valuation process is involved in such agreements, it’s essential for estate planners to understand the defining valuation elements involved, particularly the level of value. ...

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Mercer Report Details “Levels of Value”—Mercer Capital

Why Estate Planners Need to Understand This Critical Valuation Element of a Buy Sell Agreement All businesses with more than one shareholder should have a current, well-written buy-sell agreement, asserts Mercer Capital. And for clients with valuation processes as part of their agreements, it is critical to understand "levels of value": Strategic Control Value, Financial Control Value, Marketable Minority V ...

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Value Focus: Insurance Industry —Mercer Capital

Investors Looked Favorably Upon Insurance Underwriters in 2012:  The Industry Index Did Better than the S&P.  Will Momentum Continue? Mercer Capital provides the insurance industry with corporate valuation, financial reporting, transaction advisory, and related services.   Download Mercer's Fourth Quarter 2012 summary here.  More: Investors looked favorably upon insurance underwriters in 2012, driving t ...

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“Linked Out”: A Response to a Business Valuation Standards Discussion

There Are Different Standards. They Have Different Places in Various Appraisals. Here’s Why. Jim Hitchner considers various responses to the query:  “When valuing an operating company, is it necessary to mention USPAP in addition to SSVS 1 when talking about the standards adhered to?”  Good question. There were lots of answers from various valuators in a recent discussion.  Here’s Jim’s take on it all. ...

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