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Trump vs. Obama: Who Had Best 1st Year Stock Market Gains?

How does the current performance of U.S. stocks compare to the long-run historic average?  Since the stock market is essentially a vote by millions of investors on future cash flows of companies, growing faster than average would indicate that, at least on this dimension, Trump is delivering on his promise to “make America great again.”  (American companies, that is.) To read the full article in FinancialPl ...

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IRS Rewriting Tax Law?

  Among many legal challenges to the validity of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), is Halbig vs. Burwell. The challenge concerns a passage in the statute, when literally read as worded, makes federal tax credits for insurance programs available only to those enrollees in states that have created a state-designed and operated healthcare exchange. Read as it currently exists, the statute does not allow for ...

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Closing Tax Loopholes Could be Key to Budget Deal, Obama Says —New York Times, CBS News, and Washington Post, Associated Press

Obama's New Vision: No Further Increases in Tax Rates; Instead Focus on Eliminating Loopholes and Deductions  And just last week all the pundits were saying any sort of serious budget deal was dead.   Now, The New York Times, CBS News, and Washington Post/Associated Press report that president Barack Obama said future deals with Congress on the U.S. budget could set aside the option of raising tax rates and ...

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Grand Bargains Give Way to Quick Fixes —NY Times

Ambitious plans to overhaul the individual tax code, tackle corporate rates, revamp the Medicare program and consider changes in Social Security appear to have given way mainly to a tax increases for big earners Jennifer Steinhauer of the New York Times reports that "doing business in pieces" seems to be :the nature of what constitutes progress in such a sharply divided political world."  More: ...

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