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Private Equity Overhang: Companies Waiting for Exits —PE Hub

Successful Exit Key to Current Performance—and Future Sponsorship Opportunities Chris Manderson at PE Hub writes that  in the private equity world today, sponsors’ track records in successfully exiting investments are a major factor in fundraising.  If sponsors cannot exit previous investments and provide returns, they will find it much more difficult to raise subsequent funds: ...

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Has Middle Market Investment Temporarily Peaked? —PE Hub

Of an Estimated $72B Raised by U.S. Buyout Sponsors Through Mid-Year, 43% Has Gone to Mega-Funds  PE Hub opines that while many LPs claim they favor small- to mid-sized business investments, that this year the numbers are beginning to tell a different story.   There is increased investment in buyout funds doing deals of $1 billion or more in size.   It may be that mega-funds  while less are simply the only ...

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