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Private Company Stock-Based Compensation Arrangements

To Attract or Retain Key Employees To both attract and retain key employees, many private companies have added stock-based compensation grants to their portfolio of employee compensation arrangements. An important component of any private company stock-based compensation arrangement is the value of the private company stock. Therefore, private company clients expect valuation analysts to be at least general ...

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In re Appraisal of DFC Global

A Study of the Experts’ Inputs and Court Opinion How does a court go about deciding a valuation case when two experts oppose each other? The author examines the DFC Global Corporation decision to see what that reveals and how that may impact an expert’s future engagement. The author finds three takeaways for readers. ...

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Has Governmental Anti-Kickback Statute Enforcement Kicked Back Royalty Rates?

Royalty Rates in the Life Sciences are Under Increased Scrutiny. But Has That Caused Rates to Decline? Several medical manufacturers were accused of violating federal kickback statutes. Federal enforcement prompted many companies in the industry to review and revise the terms under which they collaborate with and pay healthcare professionals for contributions of time, know-how, and intellectual property. Ed ...

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