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Small Business Considers How to Manage Growth, Comply With Healthcare Mandates —Wall Street Journal

Health Costs on His Mind, Small Factory Owner Looks for Ways to Cope With New Law Emily Maltby and Sarah E. Needleman at The Wall Street Journal talk with a small business owner outside of Chicago who's considering ways to manage growth, preserve profit, and comply with the new healthcare law. Automation Systems, with with sales of about $1.6 million for 2012, currently employs 40 full-time workers, mostly ...

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Forth Quarter CEO Message

CEO's Message—Fourth Quarter 2012 Parnell BlackMBA, CPA, CVA, Chief Executive Officer             Brien K. JonesAccepts Promotion to: Executive Vice President of Business Development   Here's to a Bright Future NACVA headquarters (HQ) is always moving and shaking, but seldom, if ever, do I talk with you about the details of our inner workings. It is not because I fear boring you, because HQ is truly an ...

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10 Physician Practice Trends to Watch in 2013 —Fierce Practice Management

Spotlight On Payment Reform, Alternative Care Models, and Physician Employment Agreements Debra Beaulieu at Fierce Practice Management  weighs in with Top 10 Physician Practice Trends to watch in 2013, a year that will not only be a watershed for the U.S. healthcare system, but, for many physician practices, a pivotal one professionally—where the' ability to adapt and evolve may make the difference for many ...

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The Best Business Books Of 2012—Fast Company

Find Fulfillment, Get Productive, And Create Healthy Habits  Drake Baer at Fast Company weighs in with his choice of Top 2012 titles, asserting that "these 12 books have shaped not only the way we work this year, but how we think and the conversations we're having. Authored by luminaries like Nate Silver, Clay Christensen, and Susan Cain, these delightful-to-read tomes offer insight into the power of vulner ...

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A Valuation Puzzle: Barnes and Noble’s Digital Business is Worth Twice as Much as Barnes & Noble —Wall Street Journal

Barnes & Noble’s Missing $500 Million; A Discrepancy Between Physical and Digital Property Values Tom Gara reports at The Wall Street Journal Corporate Intelligence blog that "UK-based publisher Pearson bought into Barnes & Noble's Nook Media digital business today [12/28/12], buying a 5% stake in the e-book company for $89.5 million and valuing the whole business at just under $1.8 billion. ...

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Five Key Questions to Determine an Appraisal’s Scope and Fee

Focus is Key to Successful Valuation, Time Management, and Business Growth. Here’s How to Size Up a Project. Rand Curtiss shares insight on queries that allow appraisers to drill down quickly and determine the proper approach and charge for work. What’s the primary goal of the appraisal? Was the last historical year typical—and are there any major atypical facts or circumstances? Find out if the company is ...

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Extreme Makeover: IBA Market Database Gets a Face Lift

New IBA Market Database Tools Empower Valuators to Provide More Concise and Accurate Results: Here’s How. The IBA Market Database includes close to 40,000 comparables, a valuation analyzer, and lots more. Paul French’s review, from the National Litigation Consultants’ Review (NLCR), explains the depth of data now available on the web, and explains how to leverage this exciting new tool. ...

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Exiting a Business Profitably Is More About Analyzing Value Than About Good Luck

Valuation Experts Need to Be an Integral Part of Every Business Owners’ Initial Plan. Herbert Kalman explains why business owners need to begin thinking about an eventual exit from their very beginning plans. Here’s solid advice on the value and structure of buy-sell agreements, formal business planning, annual valuations, networking, and other planning essentials. ...

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Case Law: Valuation Experts Play Key Roles in Cases in Texas, Arizona

Top State Courts Consider the Value of Goodwill, the Legitimacy of the Income Method of Valuation In State of Texas v. Clear Channel Outdoor, the Texas Court of Appeals considers testimony from an expert regarding the income method of valuation for the billboards; in Walsh v. Walsh, the Court of Appeals of Arizona reassesses the realizable benefits of stock redemption value in a law firm, and determines the ...

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Navigating Litigation Reporting Standards

There’s a Maze of Standards Out There. Here’s a Guide to Key Provisions in The Most Important Ones *AUTHORS NOTE* This article was written in May 2010.  In December 2010, the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, section 26(a)2(b) were updated such that drafts and attorney communications are now specifically recognized as work product and not discoverable.  The exception to this is correspondence as it relates ...

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12 Questions Rising Stars are Asking About the Path to Partner—CPA Insider

Compensation and Growth Opportunities are Key to Employee Retention;  Other Factors—and How to Differentiate Jennifer Wilson at CPA Insider writes that firm leaders should be prepared to provide clear answers to the most pressing questions young high performers have about what to expect on the path to partner.    ...

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Intangible Brand Values Spark Appraisal Debate—

Is Brand Value Best Calculated by Deducting and Capitalizing Franchise and Management Fees?  Or by Weighing Brand Value as a Factor of Revenue?   A debate is swirling in the appraisal community regarding the value of intangibles, most notably brand affiliation, reports Patrick Maycock at  While one party holds to a more traditional viewpoint that calculates such intangibles by deducting an ...

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