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The Consultants’ Training Institute offers practitioners several expert witness skills development workshops, including the Expert Witness Bootcamp and Matrimonial Expert Witness Bootcamp, applicable to expert witness from all walks, as well as attorneys.

The 76ers Will Make the 2015-16 Playoffs

Could that Opinion Survive a Daubert Challenge? (Part II) This is the second article of a three-part article. Part I provided background for this thought exercise and identified the size of the hole that the 76ers had to climb out of to make the playoffs. Part II addresses the path an expert might take to arrive at his or her opinion. This part of the article has two objectives. First, it attempts to use a ...

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A Testifying Expert Believes the 76ers Will Make the 2015-16 Playoffs

Could that Opinion Survive a Daubert Challenge? (Part I) This article is comprised of three parts. Part I provides background for this thought exercise and identifies the size of the hole the 76ers had to climb out of to make the playoffs. Part II will address the path an expert might take to arrive at his or her opinion. Part III will address the implications of this thought exercise on valuation-related D ...

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Considerations in Selecting an Expert Witness

Conducting Due Diligence on the Expert and Setting Expectations of the Expert Witness in a Litigation Engagement One of the risks of doing business today is getting involved in business disputes. Disputes take many forms. Disputes can be resolved through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or litigation. Business disputes are frequently complex and the parties involved are sophisticated and motivated to su ...

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Experts as “Mouthpieces” Are Not Experts at All

The Importance of Being Truly Independent The rise of Daubert challenges to valuation experts has resulted in more than just the exclusions of valuation experts. When an expert is excluded for "subjective belief" and "unsupported speculation" by the court, a closer examination into such commentary made by courts reveals the increasingly problematic trend of experts failing to perform independent analyses. ...

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Inside the Cross-Examining Attorney’s Mind

  During preparation as an expert witness for trial, it’s crucial to anticipate the potential strategy and line of questioning of the opposing counsel. Many expert witnesses role-play the scenario in advance with a colleague standing in for the attorney to uncover hidden weaknesses in their preparation and to quell nerves. While years of acting as an expert witness can leave one feeling like they’ve se ...

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The High Cost of Keeping Credibility

Handling lawyers who coax you to work from their summary of the evidence Expert witnesses have an ethical responsibility, as well as a business imperative, to ensure they review the actual evidence that supports their analyses. Because expert witness testimony can make or break litigation outcomes, consultants cannot risk having their testimony excluded by the trial judge or discredited by the jury. ...

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The Third Leg of Expert Witness Preparation

Good communication skills are essential for the expert Witness Expert witnesses and litigation support professionals generally do not consider the importance of communication skill training and practice as part of their preparation process. Communication is the third leg of expert witness preparation and separates the average witness from the great witness. ...

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Preparing as an Expert Witness for Not-For-Profit Entities

Forensic accounting examinations of not-for-profit entities The keys to performing a successful expert forensic accounting fraud engagement is to gain an understanding of the present internal control system, including policies [or lack thereof] in place to prevent fraud and abuse, as well as other key steps and procedures, as John J. DeLuca outlines in this article. ...

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Expert Witness or Hired Gun?

Business valuation in divorce In this article, Brian Murray examines the risks taken by clients when valuators are hired to “get the numbers” needed to support a desired outcome in divorce proceedings. In most cases, such a preplanned agenda backfires and creates more problems in the end. ...

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Witness Testimony: Your Day in Court

Preparing expert witness testimony that can go the distance Although most expert witness engagements end without an opportunity to present your findings or testimony, this is no excuse to be lax in your analysis. In the handful of occurrences where expert witness testimony will actually be required, it must be clear, concise and thorough enough to go the distance during the proceedings. It must be assumed t ...

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Experts and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Arbitration Panels Don’t Know Everything a Financial Expert Does. But That Doesn’t Mean You Should Even Consider Talking Down to Them. Arbitration is somewhat similar to a bench trial, but experts need to present opinions somewhat differently than if they were testifying in a jury trial—and this is particularly true with experts testifying on financial issues such as economic damages.  Joe Epps explains why ...

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Insufficient Evidence and Defensible Opinions

Avoid Hypotheticals. But Remember: Experienced Experts Recognize that Limited Evidence Will Often Support a More Limited Opinion Michael Kaplan explains how limited evidence can still support a limited opinion. Read about a valuator who had access to an insufficient number of documents and a hard cutoff date to complete a valuation by. Since the valuation was prepared in a manner that meets the professional ...

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Expert Witnesses: Is Your Internal Testimony Consistent? Consider This Cross-Examiner Attack!

When Crossing or Responding to Your Opposing Expert Witness, Look for the L.I.E. (Large Internal Error) Dr. Ken Broda-Bahm cross-examines experts looking for the L.I.E (Large Internal Error).  He doesn’t always find one.  But when he does, he no longer needs to claim his expert would have done it differently or done it better.  He simply points out a liar—and dramatically wins the jury over.  Here’s how. ...

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