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Law Firm Finds New Life, Not Death, in Bankruptcy

A First: Law Firm Finds New Life, Not Death, in Bankruptcy  The Wall Street Journal's Law Blog Jacqueline Palank reports: A South Florida law firm recently used bankruptcy to do something no one in the legal industry has done before: sell itself to another firm. Companies across corporate America, from Blockbuster to General Motors, have sought court protection while they try to sell continuing businesses t ...

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The Exit Planning Institute Opens Northeast Ohio Chapter

The Exit Planning Institute Opens Northeast Ohio Chapter  The Exit Planning Institute (EPI), NACVA's Exit Planning partner and issuer of the Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) credential, has opened a new chapter that will be serving the Cleveland and Akron region in Northeast Ohio. The chapter president will be Christopher M. Snider, a partner at Aspire Management in Cleveland. Christopher M. Snider, C ...

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The Cost of Buying Small Business Companies

Chart:  The Cost of Buying Small Business Companies Scott Shane at Small Business Trends reports: Many people think buying a business is expensive. But, actually, the typical private company sells at a low price. According to BIZCOMPS, Business Valuation’s data base of private company sales, the median price of the 12,022 companies sold since 1995 on which Business Valuation has data was $166,000, less than ...

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Buying an Established Business

Buying an Established Business The Wall Street Journal's "Running a Business" blog analyzes the benefits of buying vs. building: If you're interested in entrepreneurship, but lack ideas or time to create a new business, buying an established company may be a wise alternative. You'll inherit a working infrastructure complete with resources you'd otherwise have to secure on your own, such as equipment and emp ...

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Business-For-Sale Market Heats Up

Business-For-Sale Market Heats Up So writes Angus Loden at The Wall Street Journal blog In Charge: On the challenges of entrepreneurs managing their businesses. Sales of small businesses rose 8% in the second quarter over the same period last year, hitting the highest level since the closing months of 2008, with a growing number of smaller firms finding buyers, according to business-broker data. Getty Image ...

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International Implications: Chinese Ownership & The Courts in Ukraine

SEC Wakes Up to Reverse Merger Companies Weeks after several Chinese reverse-merger companies have stopped trading in the US amid widespread fraud allegations, the Securities and Exchange Commission has issued a warning that, hey, maybe investors ought to think twice about those reverse-merger companies.  Okey doke!  Mark Gongloff relays from the Wall Street Journal Law Blog.  The Securities and Exchange Co ...

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