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Was it Greed or Ignorance?

Forensic professionals endure trench warfare Discovery provides a window of opportunity to gather evidence and develop expert reports. A trained forensics professional can ascertain whether cash deposits were all accounted for or secreted. It is advisable and well worth the time, trouble, and money to retain a forensic professional to conduct an analysis. ...

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IRS Issues Rev. Proc. 2013-34

Updated guidance for taxpayers seeking equitable relief from section 66(c) or sec. 6015(f) of the Internal Revenue Code Revenue Procedure 2013-34 provides update guidance regarding the circumstances under which equitable relief will be granted. It supersedes Rev. Proc. 2003-61 and makes significant changes to when and how relief will be considered and granted. ...

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Why It Makes Sense to Involve a Forensic Technologist in Electronic Discovery

Over 85 Percent of the World’s Information is Stored Electronically, and Over 50 Percent of that Information is Never Printed Out With over 85 percent of the world’s information stored electronically, and over 50 percent of that information never printed out, it’s more important than ever to make sure that electronic discovery related to pending litigation is performed thoroughly—and tracks information on m ...

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A Foolproof Approach To Writing Complex Excel Formulas —Search Engine Land

Annie Cushing is on a Mission to Rid the World of Ugly Data.  Learn About Data Collection, Analytics, Technical SEO, Analysis, and Beautification.   Annie Cushing,  a Senior SEO at SEER Interactive, a Philadelphia-based online marketing agency, explains that "There comes a time in a marketer’s life when making pretty charts with a predefined dataset just doesn’t cut it. "And finding the sum and average of a ...

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Afraid of Being Sued? 4 Ways to Keep Lawyers at Bay —

Here are four surprising ways to protect yourself in a law suit and keep legal fees to a minimum. Kevin Daum at Inc. advises:  "Shakespeare said, "First kill all the lawyers." Maybe this seems a tad aggressive, but then again, for most people the last thing you look forward to is someone showing up at your door with a subpoena. Whether a lawsuit is business related or personal, the thought of engaging an at ...

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Want to Kill Innovation at Your Company? Go Public. —WSJ, ABJ: Citing Stanford Business School Study

Innovation Decreased by 40% at Technology Companies After They Went Public, Finds Stanford Graduate School of Business Study Leslie Kwoh at the Wall Street Journal reports that while many tech entrepreneurs dream of taking their companies public, they may want to think twice.  While public offerings raise cash, new research suggests that IPOs can also result in stunted innovation at technology firms.   Here ...

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Digging the Hole Deeper

What Happens When a Business is In Over Its Head and Who is to Blame? When firms approach bankruptcy, a definition of what constitutes “deepening insolvency” becomes critical in establishing the legitimacy of litigation concerning damages, breach of fiduciary duty, and more. Michael J. Molder explains context, consequences, and case law on the matter. ...

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A Tale of Two Depositions

Maintaining Professionalism Under Pressure and Under Oath Different legal professionals can use vastly different deposition techniques. John R. Markel shares two starkly different experiences with depositions, and details how to prepare yourself for the standard questions as well as how to cope with curveballs. ...

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Insufficient Evidence and Defensible Opinions

Avoid Hypotheticals. But Remember: Experienced Experts Recognize that Limited Evidence Will Often Support a More Limited Opinion Michael Kaplan explains how limited evidence can still support a limited opinion. Read about a valuator who had access to an insufficient number of documents and a hard cutoff date to complete a valuation by. Since the valuation was prepared in a manner that meets the professional ...

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Court Followers: Supreme Court Patent Opinion Fuels Greater Demand for Expert Testimony

Bullseye Blog, A Legal Blog on Expert Topics, reports that The  Supreme Court has issued a new patent law opinion that could signal a greater need for expert testimony in patent-related civil actions in federal district courts. Bullseye's Robert Ambrogi cuts to the chase:  "The bottom line of Kappos v. Hyatt is that the court has lifted any limits on the use of new evidence in a §145 trial.  That is sure to ...

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Dueling Documentaries

Dueling Documentaries You've maybe read about the pro-trial lawyer documentary out recently from HBO called "Hot Coffee" in The Atlantic.  (The title "Hot Coffee" refers to the famed McDonalds case of a few years back, when a woman was awarded some $3M+ by a jury for overly-hot coffee spilled on her by McDonalds.) Now there's "Injustice," which asks, "What do you have to do to earn a billion dollars in lawy ...

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Insurance for BV, Financial Forensics, and Litigation Support

Have you had a chance to check out the Guard Series™ insurance policies?   Since claims against BV practices and properly credentialed professionals have historically been quite rare, these policies are deeply discounted.  NACVA and Primus Assurance Group (PAG) announced the policies' availability last fall, and since then PAG has built out its web site with lots of detail: Providing Professional Peace of M ...

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