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The Well-Written Business Valuation Report

Structured, Clear, and Well-Researched and Reasoned In a litigation setting, a well-written business valuation report can position your conclusion of value as credible. When completed for tax purposes, a well-written business valuation report can help avoid an IRS challenge. In any circumstances, a well-written business valuation report can provide the business owner with ways to increase cash flow and redu ...

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Unimpeachably Unauthoritative Authority

Citation Omitted What makes the world of expert witness services so daunting at times is the fact that so much goes unsaid, untaught, or undefined. For example, the most recent international glossary used by valuation and appraisal professionals across the globe does not define what a conclusion or opinion is. Since saying the silent part out loud seems to be the popular thing to do, this tenth article of t ...

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An Unimpeachable Treatise

Apropos Restrictions of Data, Time, and Financial Resources When uncertainty rises to a level—where facts appear to be indistinguishable from fiction—business valuation, forensic accounting, and litigation support must prioritize the virtues of unimpeachable neutrality, integrity, and objectivity. These three virtues provide a means of best assisting the trier of fact in distinguishing that which is mislead ...

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The Pink Elephant in the Courtroom

Un-Impeaching Opinions of Calculated Values Valuation or calculation? That is the question asked, answered, and argued by judges, experts, lawyers, and industry thought leaders apropos to whether a calculation of value can be used in litigation. The answer echoed throughout courtrooms across America thus far is a resounding “it depends.” This article offers a synopsis of the debate over calculation engageme ...

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Add Value to Audits with Client-Focused Analytics

Accounting services are rapidly becoming commoditized, and when clients don’t perceive a clear difference between service providers, they may choose the least expensive option. This is especially true for audit services, where clients—as well as auditors themselves—may see little difference between the work of competing firms. To read the full article in Journal of Accountancy, click: Add Value to Audits wi ...

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Calculations and Opinions: Bringing Clarity to a Cloudy Issue

Opinions are like viewpoints; everyone has one Opinions are often provided in connection with calculation values and a conclusion of value. SSVS No. 1 does not prohibit or explicitly endorse either. In this article, Jim Hitchner shares his views on whether the term “opinion”―offered in a litigation or non-litigation engagement—should be used as part of the engagement or offered in connection with a calculat ...

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Case Law Update: Real Estate Appraisal and Government Contracts

A closer look at real estate appraisal and government contracts A wife sells her portion of interest in a law firm in an arm’s length transaction and the timing and circumstances are questioned with regard to marital property. Adhering to cost accounting standards within government contracts and real estate valuation issues are reviewed in the latest Case Law Update. ...

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Federal Case Law: False Claims on Federal Loan Guarantees, Inadequate Discovery, and More

Case Summaries from the U.S. Court of Federal Claims and the Appeals Courts of the Sixth and Seventh Circuits A corporation lies in applying for federal loan guarantees—and faces treble damages in United States v. Anchor Mortgage.  In Naylor v. Invacare, plaintiff’s request for information plays a key role.  Find out more. ...

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Case Law: States Opt for Accredited Appraisers, Limit Expert Testimony, Consider Contracts

In Nebraska, Judge Considers: Should Damages be Limited to the Length of a Non-Compete Clause? The Supreme Court of North Dakota prefers the testimony of an accredited appraiser, a Tennessee court asks an expert witness to stick to the topic rather than allowing him to recommend an alternative legal remedy, and a Nebraska court considers whether damages should be limited to those incurred during the period ...

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