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Website vs. Social Media for Brand Destination

With the explosion of new social media platforms over the last five to seven years, a dilemma has arisen for business owners in search of new customers or clients.  Is the standard company website obsolete?  Should businesses be reaching out to potential prospects through platforms like Twitter and Pinterest?  With Facebook standing at 500 million accounts, many companies are abandoning their standalone web ...

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An App a Day

The onslaught of new phones and apps and their related potential for financial crime This article examines the high cost of convenience in regards to constantly evolving smart phones, iPads, and other personal communication device applications. The intentional (and unintentional) transfer of sensitive data between individuals happens in seconds. The author lays out the double-edged benefits of such technolo ...

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Time, Technology Devalue Blackberry Patents

BlackBerry’s patent portfolio is one of the most diverse in the technology industry and is possibly the company’s most valuable asset. Sifting through its thousands of patents reveals a host of innovations in all areas of mobile technology, ranging from user interfaces to battery efficiency and data compression. Some 80 per cent of BlackBerry’s patents are the result of the company’s own research efforts. ...

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A cheap price of admission for electronic client files Everyone understands the risk their firm faces from hackers and cyber thieves lurking in the shadowy places of the Internet. What they might not know is that the greatest, and most common, technology threat is posed by their own clients. In this article, the author retells the story of how his entire business data system was taken down by a trusted clie ...

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Survey: Business Development Now Tops Forensic and Valuation Services Practitioners’ List of Concerns

Business development concerns outpacing technical issues A new survey by the AICPA reveals that priorities for forensic and valuation services (FVS) professionals have changed significantly in just the last three years. The report details what’s most important to them today and why it may not have as much to do with the economy as you think. ...

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Adapting Digital Strategies to Evolve with Mobile User Behavior

It's No Surprise Mobile User Behavior Is Evolving As digital media technology evolves at an ever-increasing pace, so does the user habits of consumers.  In their new report:  "iConsumer:  Digital Consumers Altering the Value Chain," McKinsey & Company describe six over-arching trends in digital usage behavior that they believe will significantly impact the industry value chain.  These include shifts in ...

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Dodd-Frank Survives Court Challenge by States

The states, in an amended complaint, challenged only the portion of Dodd-Frank that empowers the Treasury secretary to order a liquidation of a financial company whose collapse may threaten the stability of the banking system. U.S. District Judge, Ellen Segal Huvelle recently dismissed a lawsuit brought by 11 states and a Texas-based bank, challenging Dodd-Frank’s financial regulations, specifically those t ...

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The Storm is Coming, Will Your Firm Survive a Natural Disaster?

Preparing yourself and your clients for a natural disaster By taking steps before a natural disaster strikes, the firm can position itself to thrive in the aftermath. A meeting with your casualty insurance professional is suggested. The agenda should include a review of the current coverage and discussion of changes in your firm operation since the last review. ...

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The Latest Word on ESOPs: What We All Need to Know

Has the new federal tax regime set forth the grounds to reconsider an ESOP? An ESOP is a qualified retirement plan that can use debt financing to buy company stock from the company’s owner(s). It’s a serious option for any business owner who wants to liquidate some or all of his or her ownership. Martin Staubus reviews how ESOPs work, as well as the benefits they provide to buyers (employees) and sellers (o ...

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The Last Frontier of the Digital Accounting Firm: How Technology is—Finally—Transforming Practice Management

Five key questions to determine whether it’s time to switch to a digital system At many firms, practice management software is often referred to as the “last frontier”, according to Matt Jagst, Director of Enterprise Product Management in the tax & accounting business of Thomson Reuters. Most firms manage to get by with outdated systems and processes. Switching to digital software that integrates time, ...

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IRS Resists Negotiation on Penalties—Appraiser News Online, Bloomberg BNA

If IRS Imposes a Penalty, That Penalty Cannot be Negotiated as Part of a Settlement on Another Tax Matter  The Internal Revenue Service is opposed to negotiating penalties with noncompliant taxpayers, a stance that should benefit appraisers and tax advisors because individuals will be required to assume more responsibility for their deductions, Bloomberg BNA (subscription required) reported this month.   Ap ...

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