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Regulatory Tripwires and the FMV Implications of Health Systems Losing Money on Employed Physicians

Valuators Take Note Fair market value is key to compliance with both the Stark Law and the Anti-Kickback Statue. Solid, well-reasoned valuations can be essential in establishing compliant arrangements, and these must consider practice losses as applicable. In this article, Lynn Gordon, Esq., states that it is “prudent to have a valuation in place that supports compensation as fair market value,” especially ...

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Valuing Stand-Alone Ancillary Service and Technical Component (ASTC) Enterprises under Hypothetical Conditions

In this article, Robert Cimasi and Matthew Wagner provide a roadmap of the valuation and legal issues valuation professionals confront valuing a medical practice that also provides ancillary and technical component (ASTC) services. The fact that the ASTC services are often integrated with the professional services of a practice does not restrict the ASTC service line from having value separate and aside fro ...

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Life and Death: Valuing Life Insurance

This past summer, the firm of Pluris Valuation Advisors LLC released a detailed white paper on the valuation of life insurance. According to the authors, when valuing life insurance or life insurance-linked instruments such as split-dollar collateral assignment receivables or split-dollar promissory notes, there are only three elements of Fair Market Value. These include: Illustrations from the insurance co ...

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Valuation of Promissory Notes

It’s not as simple as it seems This article explores the fact that the valuation of a simple debt instrument, such as a promissory note, can be anything but simple. It is observed that the sum of unpaid debt, as well as accrued interest, may well overstate the value of the promissory note. Also covered is whether assets tied to notes need to be valued separately. ...

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M&A Multiples: Business Value v. Balance Sheet Value

Buyers and Sellers Need to Negotiate Delivery Targets for Working Capital and Agree on a Fair Market Value for Fixed Assets. Valuation principles generally hold that the value of a business is largely a function of return on invested capital and growth, writes Ron Stacey, since these are the primary drivers of free cash flow. But how does this cash flow relate to the asset and liability values on the balanc ...

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The Impact of Value on M&A Activity

The “Market” is Not Always Right When it Comes to Value, Especially in M&A Transactions The mergers and acquisitions market began a slow recovery this last year after a sharp downturn in 2009. Was the slowdown caused by banks reducing lending activity, cash hoarding by businesses, economic uncertainty, or the simple failure of buyers and seller to agree upon price? Michael Blake takes a look at how valu ...

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Considering the Fair Market Value Standard When Evaluating Fractional Interests

Why There is No Such Thing as a Minority Premium Robert Buchanan of PCE Valuations writes about the application of discounts to fractional interests and argues that some appraisers are mistaken when they assert that certain levels of discounts amount to a “minority premium” for certain non-controlling interests. Here’s the logic behind his thinking. Be sure to read Mr. Buchanan's whole argument at HERE. Her ...

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Case Law—State: Case Law—State: American Ethanol, Inc. v. Cordillera Fund, LP

Case Law—State: American Ethanol, Inc. v. Cordillera Fund, LP In American Ethanol, Inc. v. Cordillera Fund, LP, the Supreme Court of Nevada is required to weigh in on fair market value. A lower court had judged that stockholders were fairly paid some $1.75M (about $3 per share) for American Ethanol at the time of the merger. American Ethanol appealed, claiming it was worth more. Part of its argument was tha ...

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4 Ways to Value a Startup –Investopedia

Investopedia weighs in on the pros and cons of varying approaches: Business valuation is never straightforward - for any company. For startups with little or no revenue or profits and less-than-certain futures, the job of assigning a valuation is particularly tricky. For mature, publicly listed businesses with steady revenues and earnings, normally it's a matter of valuing them as a multiple of their earnin ...

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Normalization of Income: Where Business Valuation Meets Forensic Accounting

Normalization of Income: Where Business Valuation Meets Forensic Accounting At the Legal Intelligencer blog, Terry Silver explains that since buyers and sellers often have differing ideas of a business' true fair market value, normalization is usually a required part of any M&A deal: The valuation of virtually every closely held business requires normalization adjustments. Although these adjustments may ...

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